This is My Winter

THIS IS MY WINTER with Xavier de Le Rue (full movie) by TimeLine Film

 Words below from Xavier de le Rue

“At this time of the year last season, with my friends Guido, Tero and Matthieu we’ve decided to create our own movie production company called TimeLine Film.
With the support of my partners we have released a web series during the season. We’ve tried to document more than just the action and show people what it takes as effort, luck and commitment to get the best possible big mountain video part in TB20 from Standard Films. Although the snow conditions were terrible in Europe last winter we hoped all season long we could have enough unseen action and interesting backstage material to come up with a movie and have a chance to share our experience. Here it is, THIS IS MY WINTER !”

TB20 Movie Review


TB20 Movie Review from ASO
Lake Tahoe based Standard Films is the definition of a pure snowboarding film company with firm roots in snowboarding snowboard films, and the history of the sport.  The Hatchett brothers have been producing the best snowboard films for 20 years!  Year after year teaming up with the best riders, and locations with the end result of always being one of the top films of the year.  The 2011-12 season is a special one for Standard with the release of TB20 and marks years of experience, and giving back to the sport of snowboarding.  TB20 is the 20th movie in the legendary Totally Board series and a film that needs to be in your collection.  
 Action Sport Optics just picked up a copy of Standard films latest release TB20, this is a must buy film for your collection.  Working with top level riders that covers the full spectrum of snowboarding from rails, park, backcountry, big mountain, at the best locations on the planet, TB20 delivers.  Established riders like big mountain ruler Xavier Del La Rue, snowboard legend Kevin Jones, freestyle wonder boy Halldor Helgason, Kimmy Fasani and Leanne Pelosi, along with up and coming rulers establishing a name for themselves.  TB20 is the culmination of years of films that is a tribute to snowboarding and having fun, which is what the sport is all about.   ASO loves the fact that standard films does the best job in the industry at covering all aspects of the sport from rails, parks, and big mountain riding.
TB20 takes you to epic terrain all over the world, from the back yard rails, to big mountain lines in Alaska, Europe, Canada, and top US destinations such as Mammoth, Jackson, Tahoe, and Colorado.  The filming quality is top notch and Standard has pushed the bar with quality of riding and progression in the sport and action sport film production.   The big mountain lines, airs, cliff drops, pillow lines, and pow turns will keep you on the edge of your seat and itching to get after it!  Buy TB20 for your collection, you won’t be disappointed. There is not another film company out there that represents the soul of the sport like Lake Tahoe based Standard films.

Kimmy's Double Backflip


DC pro snowboarder Kimmy Fasani landed the first women's double backflip last Thursday during a snowboarding trip in Silverton, CO.  Check out awesome footage from the day and see what Kimmy had to say about her latest accomplishment. You'll have to wait until this fall to see Kimmy stick the landing, when Standard Films releases its next movie "TB20."

Sweet Rumble 2010


Sweet Rumble from Standard Films on Vimeo.

Check out the Standard Films edit from the Sweet Rumble 2010 from Trysil, Norway.


 Check out "The Storming" on
"With nineteen snowboard films under its belt, Lake Tahoe's Standard chose its name wisely. From the early TB-titled movies to this year's joint, Standard always brings a bold production and always defaults into the "must see" category." excerpt from


Xavier AK Update


Xavier de Le Rue in AK: insane riding in Valdez with Standard Films and on his way to camping project in Haines with Deeper



ì4 days of good weather in a row. Insane snow! A good foot of fresh snow made me feel like I finally got to ride the real AK deal. Huge sloughs, some surface cracks here and there that kept our eyes opened but no big deal. We got on some kick ass terrain; some 1800 feet spine faces ... I'm stoked! It's been really cool to share that with Sammy Luebke, he really rocked with his smile and charging style. We definitely had some good fun...

Time to head to Haines and join Jeremy's crew for some AK camping. I can't wait to live that experience, and hopefully get on some more nice terrain...!î Xavier 


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